Early PC clone ibm

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by mistake I should not post links to videos from Eagle computer
but I don't know if it is allowed to post startup, Easter egg and other related to Early IBM PC Clone videos links?.

columbia data Product

MPC 1600
Release date: June 1982

Portable VP

Release date Year: 1983
easter egg

the same happens with Columbia Data 1600 when press y to test memory and press key s.

Compaq Portable

Release date June 1982, 1983

Plus with hard disk
32 mb hard disk demo
10 mb hard disk



Release date: June 1982

Eagle Computer

Release date Year: 1983

Spirit XL Plus

Release date Year: late 1983, 1984

Spirit PC
Release date Year 1982? :1983

Corona data Systems

PC Portable PPC-400

Release date Year: 1983?

Tandy T1000 clone of pcjr
release date Year: 1984

Olivetti M24
Release date: 1983

and other of IBM PC Clone

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