[Offer] Aldus Persuasion 2.1 French for Macintosh (SCP, IMG, DC42) [3.5 800K]

This is version 2.1 of Aldus Persuasion for Macintosh, in French


The floppy dumps (800k) are available in several formats :
  • SCP format
  • IMG format (created from SCP)
  • DiskCopy 4.2 format and compressed in a stuffit archive
Unfortunately SCP image of disk 4 has bad CRC.


  • Ouch. What happened to disk 6? It looks like a large area of the disk is unreadable. The plot of the area looks very odd - is that physical damage? It almost looks like part of the disk was degaussed.

    Oddly, I see a DC24 image? Was a mac actually able to read that?
  • @SomeGuy Sorry I overlooked that one and didn't notice the numerous CRC errors. I made a new SCP scan of disk 6 and uploaded a new full 7zip file


    All the DC42 images were made on a Macintosh, so I usually have 2 scans from 2 different machines (SCP/Windows and DC42/Mac).
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