[offer] Microsoft Basic compiler 5.36 (SCP) [5.25]

This is Microsoft Basic compiler 5.36


I don't know if it's really different from the "ACT Apricot" version already available on winworldpc.

Floppy disk images in SCP format (5.25" 160KB).

I include a scan of the user manual and quick ref guide


  • Nice Found @callmejack I'm looking for Microsoft Business BASIC Compiler that is rare than Microsoft BASIC Compiler. Now we have Manual for Microsoft BASIC Compiler.
  • Thank you very much for offer this program.

    On Disk 2, AR.EXE is included.
    I think AR.EXE seems to be written on original disk.
    At least this is Not ACT Apricot or any OEM version, but original MS DOS version.
    (AR.EXE doesn't run on IBM/MS DOS)

    I also have original dumped disk image of it.
    Thanks to your help, I could verify it.

    I attached restored version that is same with mine.
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