Windows 98 FE windows protected your pc

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I was trying to upgrade my virtual machine (virtual box) from windows 95 to 98fe but when I try to boot into 98 it gives me a windows protection error. I can boot into 98 in safe mode but I can't find anything to help me in there.


  • "VMWare and VirtualBox can be problematic with Windows 9x. You may need to disable various acceleration features first, or consider emulators like x86Box or PCem."

    Welcome to the winderful world of Windows 9x. Since you are talking about Virtualbox, it is probably one of those old timing bugs that works fine on slower computers.

    Of course, that lovely "protection error" message can happen for a lot of other reasons too, usually suggesting an installation is borked. Perhaps try a clean install of 98FE instead of as an upgrade and see if that makes any difference.
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    I did a fresh install and no protection error this time. But a ton of different things performed illegal operations including explorer so I'm stuck with a blank light blue screen. Safe mode doesn't work either
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