Oddly formatted 160k disks

Lately I have come across a few 5.25 disks that have an odd "128 byte" sector at the end of each track. Looking closer, it is actually a 512 byte sector but the ID says it is 128 bytes, and it also has an invalid CRC. They contain nothing but sector fill. These are not copy protected disks, and I don't believe these are even all from the same vendor. They are not professionally mastered. What they do seem to have in common is they they are mostly software supporting Zenith Z-100 systems. So perhaps this is the result of a formatting program for a Z-100?

I'm familiar with HP-150 3.5" disks having something similar, but assumed there was a reason for those.

At any rate, it confuses ImageDisk, and most other archivers required me to strip those out to make a usable disk image.

Just pointing out how goofy some early disk formats can be.


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