[Offer] DR DOS 6.0 18/05/92 2x 1.44 & 2x 1.2

Hi! I've got DR DOS 6.0 (18/05/1992) on 2x 1.44MB and 2x 1.2MB diskettes - this looks to be a slightly different date to the other ones in the collection (and this one is still DR branded), and it comes on only two disks, as opposed to the four of the other 3.5" copies.

I was able to get 99.6% of 1.44 disk 1 (some bad sectors towards the end) and 100% of 1.44 disk 2, and was able to install fine using these images.

I haven't checked out the quality of the 1.2 disks. If they turn out fine, I imagine we should be able to replace any bad files on the other disk.

I also have the User guide (666 pages), the ViewMAX user's guide (94 pages) and the Quick Reference Card (1991-Aug). Not sure how to non-destructively scan the books.


  • If you are using a DOS machine to image it, you might try disk2img http://www.oldskool.org/pc/disk2img to dump it. It also helpfully logs which sectors have issues.

    If you have a Kryoflux/SuperCard Pro or similar, flux dumps can be analyzed different ways and often recovered.

    The only way I know to scan a bound manual without cutting it up is with a flatbed scanner. There are some scanners that have glass to the edge, so you only have to open it 90 degrees. But beyond that, it is a single page at a time.
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    I pulled the image using ddrescue on a USB floppy, which worked surprisingly well. https://imgur.com/a/4PTHMkI

    There does appear to be a small point of physical damage, so I don't think we're going to get that data out.

    I can give it a shot on my DOS machine later, not keen on pulling that out since the PSU fan's bearing is shot and I don't have a replacement.

    Do you know of any tools that would let me see what files those sectors would map to? Since they also distribute the same thing on the 1.2 MB floppies I'm hoping that those dead sectors are empty.
  • Looking at the output of ddru_findbad and fsstat:

    Bad sectors:
    Processing ddrescue log file
    0x00146600 0x00000200 -
    0x0014AE00 0x00000200 -
    0x0014F600 0x00000200 -
    0x00153E00 0x00000200 -
    0x00158600 0x00000200 -
    0x0015AA00 0x00000200 -
    0x0015CE00 0x00000200 -
    0x0015F200 0x00000200 -
    0x00161600 0x00000200 -
    0x00163A00 0x00000200 -
    0x00165E00 0x00000200 -
    2611 2611
    2647 2647
    2683 2683
    2719 2719
    2755 2755
    2773 2773
    2791 2791
    2809 2809
    2827 2827
    2845 2845
    2863 2863

    fsstat reports that the last file is at
    2585-2585 (1) -> EOF

    I think we're in the clear. Once I dump the 1.2 floppy, how should I upload them? Is any old location fine?
  • Mega Nz has no problem to upload file.



    Internet Archive is also nice.

  • I'll chuck it up on internet archive regardless, but is there a preferred way to get it into WinWorld?
  • Any hosting that doesn't require me to sign up for an account should be fine. Note that if you don't want to post a link publicly you can just send me a private message with the link.

    Archive.org works fine for me - we are not competing against anyone, so the more archive sites it is on, the merrier.

    There are so many hosting options these days, we have not felt the need to have our own upload system.
  • I've finally gotten around to scanning the extra materials:


    The 5.25" disks haven't been imaged just yet because all three of my drives aren't working at the moment.
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