[Offer] Word 1.1 French for Windows (SCP, IMG) [5.25 1.2MB]

This is the french version of Word for Windows 1.1

It's copy protected (DIsk 1-Install and Disk 5-Install Backup).


Disk images (5.25" HD) are in SCP and IMG (derived from SCP).


  • You guys keep me busy. :)
  • Wow, thanks very much for rare version of MS Word series.
  • Oh, it's interested version.
    Actually, it's 1.10A, non-1.1.
    Version ID is a FV (French-version for France).
    I'm surprised, that it's use copy protection.
    It's protection same to Word4 and Excel2.1, or another?
    Also, in Win3x.org available WinWord 1.10 (non-1.10A), i don't remember, it are use protection or don't.
    I think, must be was exist Word 1.10A in French without protection (for Canada/Quebec).

    Also, was be released Word 1.1 for PM in French, but i don't trust, that it will be found in any future.
  • @German thanks for clarifying version number. It was quite common to have copy protection in Europe, long after it was abandoned in North America. It could well be that the french/canadian version was not copy protected.
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