Help with Oracle 6 for DOS configuration

Hi people.

I just got Oracle 6 for DOS here in this wonderful site.

I could successfully install it on an 86Box VM with MS-DOS 6.22.

In the installation process, it asked me to create a password.

Now, when running SQL*Plus or SQL*Forms, I tried to login with sys/system/dba and the password provided in the install process, to no avail.

I never worked with Oracle this old, only new versions, and I really like to see what it was like in the old days...

How can I proceed from here?

Thanks in advance!


  • I have not tried this specific version myself. Thanks for testing it out.

    Are you sure the password was supposed to be for a database? I actually kind of thought this might just be a "client", but if this actually contains a DOS based database, then that is awesome.

    Does SQL Plus actually seem to be trying to connect to anything? I'd sort of expect configuring it would be complicated somehow. (It was a pain on Oracle 8).

    If this really is a DOS RDBMS then perhaps the RDBMS must be started manually? Perhaps intended to run on a dedicated computer over a network? I'm just guessing here.

  • This is really a DOS based database, and also have disks for a NetWare database. I installed only the DOS version.

    It needs to be started manually, just by typing ORACLE at the prompt. This is a batch file in C:\ORACLE6\BIN directory.

    I'm attaching two screenshots, one for the installation process asking for a password, I do think it's for connecting to the database, you can see in the screenshot "password... for DBA authorization".

    In the the other screenshot, you can see that it really starts the RDBMS engine by running the ORACLE batch file.

    I'm also attaching two screenshots of SQL*Plus. You can see that when the RDBMS engine is started, it's really trying to connect using the given username/password, and when it's not started, it doesn't even asks for that.

  • Well then, very nice. I wonder what the maximum capabilities of this database are?

    Logically then, it looks like it should accept the user ID and password here. Perhaps the user ID needs to be in upper case? You didn't happen to choose anything too weird for a password did you? (such as symbols that might get parsed differently).
  • I also tried the username uppercase. The password I configured is a simple one: oracle

    Take a look at the C:\ORACLE6\CONFIG.ORA below: (unfortunaly it doesn't say the username, only password).

  • There is a book on Oracle 6 called ""Working with Oracle Version 6.0" in google books, but it is only viewable in "snippits"."Working+with+Oracle+Version+6.0"+"MANAGER"&dq="Working+with+Oracle+Version+6.0"+"MANAGER"&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjdmJGI47v2AhXQkWoFHV0hBpoQ6AF6BAgDEAI

    A little bit of searching coaxed this information out of it:

    oracle automatically enrolls two dba users for every RDBMS these are named SYS and SYSTEM . Their functions are slightly different , and are explained below . In large systems, there may be many people performing DBA ...

    The DBA User Called SYSTEM
    ORACLE is installed with the DBA called SYSTEM identified by the password MANAGER. This password should be changed immediatly after installation to whatever password the DBA SYSTEM will be using.

    The DBA User Called SYS
    The DBA SYS owns all of the base tables in the data dictionary, as well as all of the views based on these tables. These are critical to the operation of ORACLE, therefore the SYS account should be used rarely.
    When ORACLE is first installed , the DBA SYS is enrolled with the password CHANGE_ON_INSTALL . This password should be changed as soon as the ORACLE system is initialized to whatever password the DBA SYS will be using.
  • Thanks!!!

    Those passwords are correct!
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