Picture of Microsoft Interface Manager

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BetaArchive Member ReflectiaX release of Photo Microsoft Interface Manger Disk called Microsoft Windows Manger.



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    "Bits or GTFO"


    Please keep in mind that a lot of people like to fake this sort of stuff for some reason.
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    Apparently just another false dawn:

    BetaCollector on the BetaWiki Discord wrote:
    "Rao isn't how this came to pass as a recent endeavor! He's just the guy whose work is on the floppy originally, lol. I haven't talked to him at all, unfortunately. As for what's on the floppy, it's DOA. Just found out it was intentionally destroyed with a magnet, which explains a lot insofar as the time and money I've been putting into trying to professionally recover its data. HOWEVER, all is not lost. This is all part of the ongoing story. There's more than one of this disk, which multiple people have kept, and I've also verified that Microsoft Archives has a copy of."
  • There is hope some data might to be found.

    BetaCollector on the BetaWiki Discord
    I was just growing tired of having such an insane relic and nothing going on with it in the public domain, lol. Anyway, hopefully we'll still end up with the bits from this disk, but they won't come from this exact one, unfortunately.
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