Norton Commander 2.x

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imageNorton Commander 2.x

Norton Commander is a MS-DOS based file shell that was widely popular due to it's two column design. You could easily copy and move files between one folder or another, execute DOS commands and more. It competed against many other file managers including Gazelle Q-DOS and Xtree

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  • The followings are Not dumped from original media, but hand-made.

    Norton Commander 2.0 (5.25-360k)
    Norton Commander 2.01 (9-1988) (5.25-360k)
  • As long as the installation package is complete and unchanged, it's not a big problem.

    Also, you're welcome to provide dumps of original disks.
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    Thanks to callmejack, I can get version 2.01 dumped from original media.

    I used to buy version 2.0x a few years ago, unfortunately the seller lost package.
    Thanks again to callmejack.
  • >Norton Commander 2.01 (7-1988) (5.25-360k) (3.5-720k)

    It's a version 2.00, not 2.01
  • Are you sure about that? It looks to me like they updated one of the viewers making the package "2.01" but they just didn't touch the main executable.
  • The program itself and the other viewer (dbview.exe) are still 2.00. 123view.exe doesn't make the whole package 2.01 (unlike the version from September 1988).
  • Package says the version is 2.0 (Not 2.00 or 2.01)
    A few of program version says 2.00, but volume name is 2.01, the viewer is 2.01

    But finally package version is 2.0.

    So I recommend to rename it as 2.0 (Not 2.00 or 2.01).
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