[offer] classic games for windows 95 98 And ME

It is a hard disk image in virtual machine image for pcEM works fine on systems with Windows 95 98 and Me. You can view the properties of the virtual machine that you will make in PCEM then you will go where the hard drives are where the first hard drive will be your operating system you will press the second and third option down which says: Drive 1 Primary Slave (D :) Type: Hard Drive where you will select the file that you will download from here Games 1 or Games 2 or Games 3.img you will add them and then you will press OK. Next you will go to your virtual machine you will press DEL while waiting to enter the BIOS from there you will have to synchronize the hard drives that you added with the option IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION. Then a window will appear where over there you will press y again y and save and exit setup from the bios you will see everything appear on my computer my computer as it is in the pictures above. In detail, the games contained are the following.

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