[REQUEST] DOS-based Version of SCORE

SCORE is a music engraving program created by the late Leland Smith, in the late 20th century. It was a DOS program up until version 5, where it shifted to Windows. A limited version of the last available windows version (one that didn't allow saving or printing scores) is available for download by going to this archive page and clicking "download a demo." However, many users have considered the DOS-based version to be superior. It is also a lot easier to use on non-windows platforms since there are nearly-perfect DOS emulators like DOSbox.


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    I second this request. I have reached out to a few college professors to see if they would part with it (if they ever had it) but no bites so far. I believe that Stanford still teaches history and basic input of this software in their Music 253 class. I have never directly reached out to their music department as I assumed I would receive a "no." To date it is the most flexible and powerful software for music engraving purposes, but as one would expect it has a rather steep learning curve. Nevertheless, any version is in need of archival. This is not my image.

  • Does anyone have this?
  • Any updates on this?
  • I managed to combine some demo versions and the archived SCOR4 main executable to get a partially working version. There are some files that are missing (such as help and templates), but basic features should work like music input and printing to EPS. Is this worth trying to make reproducible and archiving here?

  • That's great you have gotten this far. I'll track it down eventually. It took me years to find a copy of Cakewalk Pro 5. Amazingly, when I did track it down it happened to be an adjacent city.
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