[REQUEST] DOS-based Version of SCORE

SCORE is a music engraving program created by the late Leland Smith, in the late 20th century. It was a DOS program up until version 5, where it shifted to Windows. A limited version of the last available windows version (one that didn't allow saving or printing scores) is available for download by going to this archive page and clicking "download a demo." However, many users have considered the DOS-based version to be superior. It is also a lot easier to use on non-windows platforms since there are nearly-perfect DOS emulators like DOSbox.


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    I second this request. I have reached out to a few college professors to see if they would part with it (if they ever had it) but no bites so far. I believe that Stanford still teaches history and basic input of this software in their Music 253 class. I have never directly reached out to their music department as I assumed I would receive a "no." To date it is the most flexible and powerful software for music engraving purposes, but as one would expect it has a rather steep learning curve. Nevertheless, any version is in need of archival. This is not my image.

  • Does anyone have this?
  • Any updates on this?
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