[offer] Ashton Tate Multimate Advantage v3.6 (SCP, IMG) [5.25]

Ashton Tate Multimate Advantage v3.6 (SCP, IMG) [5.25]

This is version 3.6 of the Workd processor from Ashton Tate.

The package includes Multimate On-File software (for mail-merge) and Multimate Graphlink (to add graphics in documents).

Floppy images in SCP and IMG format (derived from SCP)



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    Wow, thanks very much.

    I wonder System disk of Multimate 3.6 disk is modified or original.
  • I don't know, as the package was unsealed. To be checked.
  • It looks like someone read the files on a Windows 9x machine without protection in 1998, which wrote last access dates and altered the boot sector.

    If this isn't copy protected, I'll just clean the img files.
  • That would be very kind of you.
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