[OFFER] PINPOINT For Windows (Single User)

Year: 1996
Vendor: Longman Logotron
Version: 3.11d.462
Categories (?):Application, Graphics, Planning, (Other?)
User interface: GUI
Platform: Windows
File format: 2 x IMA file (read/saved w/ WinImage)
Language: English
Synopsis: Software for surveys, data collection and analysis.
More information: https://psyctc.org/netw_spr/net6_1/pinpnt.htm
Files: floppydisk.aol-files.net/software/PINPOINT/
DISK 1: floppydisk.aol-files.net/software/PINPOINT/DISK1.IMA
DISK 2: floppydisk.aol-files.net/software/PINPOINT/DISK2.IMA

Screenshots/scans of diskettes can be found here.


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