Anyone here have Authorware 8 beta?

Authorware (first owned by its own company, then Macromedia, then Adobe) only ever had an official release version up to 7. However, there were plans to make a version 8, and beta testing version 8 was done. According to there were "4 beta versions released to external testing". I don't know exactly what "external testing" means. It either means they had another company test their software, or they had made the beta version a public beta. I'm hoping it's the latter, because if it's the latter then that means there's a good chance that some people who had downloaded the beta version of Authorware 8 still have a copy of it somewhere, maybe on a backup drive. I've done a Google search for "authorware 8 beta" and have found absolutely nothing, so I figure it may just not be uploaded to the internet yet, but I hope it's actually still out there on someone's old harddrive.
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