[Offer] dBase IV v.1.1 French (SCP, IMG) [5.25" 360K]

This dBase IV v1.1 in French

Floppy images (5.25", 360K) are in SCP, IMG (derived from SCP) and IMG (with disk2img).


I had a lot of trouble with those disks. They were very dirty and spent lots of time cleaning them. Then I had to make several SCP dumps in order to finally have one without bad sectors. I also used disk2img to get "fixed" images.

So it seems to work now, but unfortunately it's already registered.

Could someone check the resulting files and find a way to "deserialize" it ?

Thanks in advance


  • Thanks very much for offer French version of DBASE series.
  • Any idea how it could be deserialized ?
  • Finally got a chance to take a look at it. Thanks for going to all that trouble. This version appears to treat the serialization as a form of copy protection, so not as simple as some products.
  • My guess is that they used for serialization the same program that was used for copy protection which checked for copy protection tracks but without checking the copy protection tracks anymore.
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