Test Cinepak file on old hardware please...

I have created a Cinepak / PCM / mov file that is attempting to make a file in 2022 that is still playable on Windows 3.11 / 95 / 98 computers. Does anybody have such hardware and the willingness to test the following file:


I have created this file with FFmpeg and the Sintel trailer from Blender using the following:

ffmpeg -i sintel_trailer_2k_720p24.y4m -i sintel_trailer-audio.flac \
-c:v cinepak -q:v 1 -g 100 \
-vf "scale=320:240:flags=lanczos:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=320:240:-1:-1:color=black,fps=15" \
-c:a pcm_u8 -ar 22050 -ac 1 \

Still a bit of tweaking to do but I am crossing my fingers that it will work as is on old hardware...
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