[offer/request] Lisa office 3.0 Italian

I have a full set of floppies of Lisa OS and Office 3.0 in Italian, for which 4 floppies are damaged (cookie is desoldered and doesn’t spin). Does anyone have images of those floppies ? I can post the ones that works.


  • Desoldered? I assume you mean the metal hub came unglued from the cookie? I hate it when that happens. That is insanely difficult, almost impossible to repair.
  • Yes that’s exactly that :s
    I haven’t been able to find archive of this version anywhere so it may be definitely lost. I can post disk 1-4 of Lisa OS but not sur if it will install if the last disk is missing.
  • Well, if we post what you have as "incomplete" perhaps that would bug some collector enough to share another copy.

    Certainly hold on to those disks. Perhaps one day there will be some better way to get the data off. Eventually I need to improve my own technique for re-attaching hubs - specifically I need to find some adhesive that can easily attach and de-attach the cookie while being strong enough not to come undone when the cookie is spinning. Of course, even that involves opening the plastic jacket and risks damaging the cookie, which usually borks any collectability.
  • Here is the link to the disks I was able to dump.

    I still have the following problems :

    Lisa Guide has many CRC errors , even trying several times with SCP. I will try soon with the AppleSauce device that recently got.

    The following disks cannot be dumped because the cookie is detached from center ring :
    • office disk 5
    • lisacalc
    • lisa draw
    • lisaproject
    If someone has the missing floppies it would be great to dump and post them.

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