PC Tools 1.x

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imagePC Tools 1.x

PC Tools, from Central Point Software, is a system and disk utility suite similar to the Norton Utilities. Central Point also produced a similar set of tools for the Apple Macintosh known as MacTools. Central Point Backup, bundled as part of PC-Tools, was also offered as a standalone product.

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  • Did PC-Tools 1.x really contain only one file ? No docs, nothing else.
    I could re-create such images with versions 1.01, 1.10, 2.02 and 2.03 (I have also 1.03 from a different source and it's bit-to-bit equal to this one). It won't be originals but it's at least something.

    Also we still don't even know how PC-Tools 1.x and 2.x original disk(s) looked like.
  • As I recall, this 1.03 executable just happened to be stuffed on some disk of other crufty stuff that someone submitted. No idea if originals had anything else on them. Given the style of their other software of the time, I'd expect the disks to look like 3.x, but I haven't seen any anywhere.

    If you have executables of other versions, please go ahead and send them up. I think they would be worth archiving even as-is.

    Added a redump wanted message for the time being.
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