IBM Productivity Series for IBM Business Management Series - all MS-DOS

I have a complete series of the IBM Productivity Series which complements the IBM Business Management Series accounting software. How do I upload the software to this website?
Also, I have the complete Business Management Series - all binders, diskettes in great condition - plus the training modules in their original binders, as well as the official IBM sales manual, customer sales documentation and overhead transparencies, and more. I'm interested in selling this, but need advice on where to start. Thanks.


  • That would be awesome. Thanks. The way to send in contributions is just to put them on some file sharing site (a lot of people here use mega) and either send me a private message with a link to the file, or post the link in the offers thread.
  • OK. Thank you. I'm sure this will take me a month or so to sort it all out, but am glad you'd like this upload!
  • Stick them on Its the best place to store stuff.
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    I encourage people to make archives available in as many places as possible. So yes, even places like, vetusware, or betaarchive, its all fine and good.
  • I also have a few of IBM Productivity Series.
    It will be nice if you upload it.

    This is list of file Share Files and Links site.
  • Besides the Business Management Series accounting modules, I also have these related software products with diskettes and original manuals/packaging in good condition:
    - Productivity Family: Data Edition, Plans+ Edition, Reports+ Edition, Graphics Edition, Advisor, Words Edition; Mailing Labels Edition; Appointment Calendar Edition;
    - Business Family (for Business Management Series): Financial Extension Edition, Accounting Extension Edition; Local Area Network Access Edition; Payroll Training Edition; Inventory Accounting Training Edition; Order Entry & Invoicing Training Edition; Accounts Receivable Training Edition; Accounts Payable Training Edition; General Ledger Training Edition.
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