[OFFER] Microsoft Learning DOS 1.01

Now we have a complete version of Microsoft Learning DOS 1.01. The Ebay listing said it was Microsoft Learning DOS 1.00 1986. Thanks to @callmejack for helping me obtain this release. There is also Microsoft Learning DOS 1991 Edition spotted on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/403713986866?nordt=true.

Download Link


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    Good work.

    Lessons without Hard Disk <<-- This is modified by FLOPLES.CHK.
    But it can be fixed easily.
    FLOPLES.CHK is not neccessary. (It should be deleted and filled sector as F6h.)

    Except this, all 3 of them are identical to mine.
    I've got it about 11 years ago and already verified in 2014.
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