Norton Utilities 2.01 - which version should I keep

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I have 2 versions of NU 2.01, one published by Brady, on one 320K floppy and another published by Norton, on one flippy disk 160K (that you reverse to read the other side). I want to keep the most valuable/rare version et sell the other one.
Which one should I keep ?


  • I'll keep early version of flippy disk 160KB.
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    Actually both versions are pretty rare and valuable.

    Earlier 3 versions of NU 2.0x have been found (you can see them all on WWPC), and all of those were on the 160k flippy disk. We see the Brady package for the very first time, so it's also very rare and in some way unique.

    Long story short: if I were you, I'd keep both.
  • Thanks you both for your input. Difficult choice ...
    I'm not going to keep both because I need to fund other purchases.
    I'm finally going to keep the "legacy" version because it looks more "exotic" with the flippy disk.
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