I can't log in to the forums without first logging out of winworldpc first.

If i'm logged into winworldpc the forums part doesn't let me sign in.


  • Hmm, it works for me, although while I stay logged in to the forum, I do have to re-log in to the library/home. It's always been like that.

    So you log in to the forum. Then go to the home/library on https://winworldpc.com/. Then click the "login" drop down at the top of the menu, and try to log in there. What exactly happens then?
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    I just did this, I logged out of the forum side and the library side.
    Logged into the library side and tried logging into the forum side by pressing sign in.
    When I press sign in it does nothing (no error pops up either), so I log out of the library side and now I can login to the forum.
    When I log in it also logs me into the library.
  • Well shit.

    I'd seen that behavior with the sign in button before, but I didn't realize that is what was causing it. Thanks for explaining it.

    In the mean time, if you log in to the forum FIRST and then log in to the library (if the library logs you out), it should work.

    Note that the forum login persists between browser sessions, but the library logs out when you close your web browser.

    I'll add that to the list of bugs, but I don't believe there is much I can do about that in the moment.

    So, note to all users: Log in to the forum first.
  • I seem to have duplicated this issue as well. The login button on forums did not execute at all while i was logged into the main home site itself, until I logged out of that. What browser were you using at the time (Microsoft Edge here). Curious if it's specific to one browser or if this problem crops up with multiple browser types. Thinking it could be something weird with the configuration on the forum/site itself causing havoc.
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    Both of the web browsers I use are based on Chromium. Bromite on Android and Opera GX on Windows 10.
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