Mac Diskettes on Windows XP(SP3)

Is there any program or way to read 1.44 MB HD Mac Floppies on Windows XP?
I tried TransMac, Basilisk II and Sheepshaver, and nothing worked.
Thanks for you help!


  • Have you tried Mini vMac or maybe Executor?
  • You really don't want an emulator to access a PC floppy drive directly, there are all kinds of glitchy problems.

    What you should do instead is use a tool like WinImage to create a 1.44mb floppy image file from a Macintosh floppy disk, feed that image file to your emulator, then write the image back to a disk when you are done.

    (Basillisk II at least used to be able to access floppy drives directly on Windows 9x, but it was slower than a real Mac floppy drive and ran in to all kinds of read/write glitches).
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    It is not compatible with 1.44MB Mac disk on Windows.

    But it is possible to read Mac disk on Windows.



    On Windows, Mac disk can dump it as Floppy Disk image by using Winimage

    I dumped Sid Meier's Civilization for Macintosh (1992) (3.5-1.44mb) in 2015.
  • Thanks, I will try it, when I got myself a USB FD Drive(Because the Windows XP PC is not mine.)
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