[offer] Adobe Capture 1.0 for Windows (IMZ, ISO) [3.5]

Adobe Capture 1.0 for Windows

This package contains also Acrobat Exchange 2.0 and 41 Adobe fonts.

There is also a CD with lots of sample documents in pdf format

A scan of documents and other papers is included.

Floppy disks image in IMZ format (3.5", 1.44MB)



  • Thanks very much for offer rare Adobe program for diskette version.
  • Thank you, sir.

    Do you happen to have update 1.01 for this proggy?
  • @assenort no I don’t. Have you tried Adobe site on archive.org?
  • No, I have not, will give it a try per your suggestion. Thank you!
  • Interestingly I found a mention of version 1.01 on an article from 1996 where they say that the price was reduced to $900 from $3’000, which is equivalent to $5’660 today :o

  • Regretfully, I was not able to find any update for this proggy anywhere. Most likely Adobe released the updated 1.01 version without providing customers who already have the 1.0 version an update possibility.
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