Windows 11 must be avoided

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Came across this video last week, and I am shocked of what this guy, who had worked with and repaired computers for decades, had to say.

I think it's safe to say that this OS is just as bad, if not worse, than Windows 10.

Satya Nadella must be held responsible 🤬


  • Yea, this is the sort of thing I have been talking about all this time. People went to such trouble ages ago to piece together scrap 8080 CPUs and surplus teletype terminals with whatever else parts they could get their hands to make these scince-fiction-esq devices called "personal computers" where they actually had control over their own hardware and data, rather than bowing down to some mainframe time sharing system.

    Holy crap, all of a sudden one could do word processing, databases, spread sheets, compiling code, doing your own custom computations on whatever, in your own home, all without a terminal connected to "someone else's computer". You didn't have to worry about the code on your computer disappearing - it was yours!

    Now we are all flushing it down the toilet.

    It used to be people were moving mainframe applications to PCs left and right. Well, look, now we have to put them all back! No, "cloud" is the same old (well, worse, really) mainframe shit with a fancy name.

    I'm not against a computer that YOU or I can lock down so we can place it in front of drooling idiots without messing things up too much. As long as there is a switch somewhere that lets me do whatever the FUCK I want anywhere in the machine. As we can see, these are almost certainly going away.

    I encourage everyone to dig up, keep, and maintain as much "old" hardware as possible where we can still do whatever the hell we want without anyone else's control.

    It makes me sick to my stomach that I may need to get a current version of Microsoft Office at some point - which as far as I can tell requires a Microsoft account. Hell, when I ask salesdrones about that they don't even know, they just assume everyone has one already.

    I've also seen more idiots using Microsoft OneDrive instead of private office file servers, and putting sensitive data on it without a thought in the world as to if that is a good idea. This... will... end... badly. But nobody will care because they are too stupid. (BTW, web browser based spreadsheets suck massive mainframe quality ass.)
  • I have been dismayed at the amount of software that can't run without an internet connection. Even the bottom rung smart phones have enough storage to keep a local copy of the spell checking dictionary. The whole idea of downloading hundreds of megabytes of a program that doesn't actually do anything since all the working code is out there.

    One can't have MS find out and correct bugs for a given system without allowing MS to see information about the system so I find some of the tracking complaints rather contradictory.
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