[OFFER] IBM PC JX Software Collection

Thanks to http://www.thepcmuseum.com/ for these releases. I found this site while searching the web. There is IBM PC DOS 2.10 (JX), IBM PC DOS 3.2 (JX), Writing Assistant for IBM JX, Your IBM JX Sampler, IBM Assistant Series Quick Looks for IBM JX, Display Write 1 for IBM JX, Mainframe Communications Assistant for IBM JX, Personal Communications Manager for IBM JX, Diskette Librarian for IBM JX, IBM Assistant Home Solutions for IBM JX, Artwork for IBM JX, Private Tutor Course - Word Knowledge Skills for IBM JX, IBM PCSORT for IBM JX,The Starproof Bridge For IBM JX, I Can Be Anything For IBM JX, PC Print For IBM JX in the Collection. Some Zip files are missing IMG File like Sort when i download it to get me 404 Not Found Error. You can make an Image File using WinImage. The collection includes manuals too.

Dowload Link: https://mega.nz/file/IawBSTaJ#BEnarHmB3Z2FYYWnRWozYNqsc6pqh2S9GSAhI8wzQDo


  • Thanks very much for offer rare IBM JX programs.
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    I found out that IBM PC JX Software runs on IBM PC. IBM JX Sort is IBM PCSORT. IBM PCSORT is rebranded version of Microsoft Sort.

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    One interesting aspect of software for the JX was the very unusual cases it was delivered in. Those cases look like giant versions of the cassette jewel case.

    Taken from https://collections.museumsvictoria.com.au/items/378572
  • Isn't that the same kind of plastic case they used for their lower end IBM PC titles as well? To me it looks about the same except with black plastic rather than grey (well, most of the grey plastic is brown now).

    Those always struck me as a bit odd, they never seemed to be a good fit for any specific media. They used those for PCJr media as well, so the PCjr carts must have fit in them. 5.25" disks kind of just flop around in them. Glancing at one, it looks like they could hold three audio cassettes as long as the paper insert helps hold them in place.
  • The JX version of the case is a bit different. Note the 4 small plastic pillars. Those would hold the 3.5" disks in place. It would obviously work even better with a second floppy keeping the first from shifting around. The jr version had sockets to store the cartridges but everything else was loose. I think the JX version also has the side spaces empty except for small plastic ridges where the jr would store the cartridges. It was nice albeit minor improvement on the case design.
  • BTW, the direct link to the page on the site with the downloads is here: http://www.thepcmuseum.com/ibmjx/
  • I have copied disk of "I Can Be Anything" as modified.

    But, uploaded disk seems to be untouched and same as normal IBM PC package.

    "I Can Be Anything" is verified.
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