Offer > Zbrush 1.23b Win32 (2001) & Extra Alphas-Scriptor-Scripts-Guides-ETC>>>

Hello...Just finished a posting continuing on my Nendo Thread at oldschooldaw for Zbrush 1.23b...

Numerous advantages over current Zbrush-
-Very Small Install Size
-Should run on anything
-Much Easier to Learn, Simple Toolset-Alphas-Sculpt-Paint
-Very Low System Requires
-Triangulated Meshes WELCOME!...Yes this is a Big One 'cause ever since Zbrush 2 triangulated meshes very frowned upon however this applies to this Zbrush version as if you try to open in later versions it will throw up an "There are ERRORS in the mesh"...LOL. But for say you went into Nendo Paint Room & exported from there you will have triangulated mesh & 'per-face' UV Map work just fine in this early Zbrush...

I dug up some Zscripts, materials, reviews, Zscriptor (beta version from 2000) & included those...



  • Is it still possible to get a copy of this? The link is dead =c
  • Actually I am getting ready to post up a thread for Zbrush 1.55b with extras & actually a few video tuts for it as well...Should have it on here by the weekend...
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