[Offer] Aldus PageMaker 4.0 updated for Windows 3.1 on 3.5" diskettes (1992)

Found a sealed box of this software and imaged these diskettes using WinImage. This version is from 1992 and apparently is updated to work better with Windows 3.1. There was also Adobe Type Manager diskettes on the box, so I imaged them too. I didn't bother to scan all the diskettes because they seem exactly the same as the ones already here but i scanned the Adobe Type Manager ones.



  • Thanks, very nice. It does look like a minor update and repackaging.

    The 720k version on Winworld does not have disk scans. Any chance you could add scans of the rest of the disks too? Thanks.
  • Thanks for offer nice program.
  • Here are some photos i took of the diskettes. My scanner is still refusing to work with windows 11 so I hope these are useful.
    Also, I posted a request for this set some time ago. Is it possible to delete my old request? I haven't figured out how to delete or modify a request yet. Thanks!!!

  • Thanks, very nice. Just add a comment to the old thread that it has been found. No need to delete. Posts are only editable for a few hours.

    (Grumble... Windows 11. Beh.)
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