Installing VB4 from library files

Hi. I have downoaded the VB4 Professional CD files from the library: to a Windows 10 computer.
This came as a 7zip file. I couldn't extract it because 7zip said that it was blocked.
I used a Linux computer to extract the files and ended up with some .img files.
I was then able to return to the Windows computer and used winimage to convert the img files to CAB files which I burned to a DVD.
I ended up with 17 CAB files and a single .inf file.
I loaded the DVD onto a 32bit PC and right clicked the .inf file. I got the option to install but just got a message saying install failed.
What have I done wrong?


  • Well, right off the bat you are supposed to run setup.exe to install the 32-bit version or setup16.exe to install the 16-bit Windows 3.1 version. So if you didn't get those, you didn't extract it right.

    I have no idea why you thought you had to boot Linux to extract the files. Just download 7-zip from here:

    The one tricky bit is you use 7-zip to only open and extract the 7z file, NOT the IMG files. You have to use WinImage for that. Most compression archivers don't really know how to deal with IMG files and often screw up. When 7z was adopted here, it didn't have that mis-feature.

    Also, just exacting files in to one folder from floppy disks does not always work. I think it is supposed to work in this case, but I'm not certain.
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