Microsoft Game Shop 1.0

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imageMicrosoft Game Shop 1.0

Microsoft Game Shop is a development tool for creating games in QuickBASIC. Microsoft Game Shop includes a full-featured version of Microsoft's QuickBASIC 4.5 interpreter plus six classic computer games, including a version of Tetris that you can both play and modify using QuickBASIC.

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    Microsoft Game Shop has a title name as Microsoft Games Shop: Games and the QBasic Learning Environment. It is confirmed by the book name Code Nation by Michael Halvorson person who wrote Microsoft Learn BASIC Now Book.

    Computer History Museum aka CHM in California has Microsoft Game Shop in their collection.
  • Well, that IS what it says on the front of the box. Was there any other product or packaging of the product that used the name "Microsoft Game Shop" with a different subtitle?
  • The box's back cover and the disks lacked the subtitle. I thought there was a version without the box for the book trade but I can't find an image of that.
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    Box of Microsoft Game Shop has subtitle. My guess is Microsoft did not want to subtitle the box and disk because the name is too long to put on the box and disk. Microsoft Game Shop did same box design as Microsoft MASM 6.0 and Microsoft COBOL 4.5

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