News story: Meet the Man Who Still Sells Floppy Disks

Came across this story over on Slashdot:

Eye on Design is the official blog of the US-based professional graphic design organization AIGA. They've just published a fascinating interview with Tom Persky, who calls himself "the last man standing in the floppy disk business."

He is the time-honored founder of, a US-based company dedicated to the selling and recycling of floppy disks. Other services include disk transfers, a recycling program, and selling used and/or broken floppy disks to artists around the world. All of this makes a key player in the small yet profitable contemporary floppy scene....

In the interview Perkins reveals he has around half a million floppy disks in stock — 3.5-inch, 5.25-inch, 8-inch, "and some rather rare diskettes. Another thing that happened organically was the start of our floppy disk recycling service. We give people the opportunity to send us floppy disks and we recycle them, rather than put them into a landfill. The sheer volume of floppy disks we get in has really surprised me, it's sometimes a 1,000 disks a day."

But he also estimates its use is more widespread than we realize. "Probably half of the air fleet in the world today is more than 20 years old and still uses floppy disks in some of the avionics. That's a huge consumer. There's also medical equipment, which requires floppy disks to get the information in and out of medical devices.... "

And in the end he seems to have a genuine affection for floppy disk technology. "There's this joke in which a three-year-old little girl comes to her father holding a floppy disk in her hand. She says: 'Daddy, Daddy, somebody 3D-printed the save icon.' The floppy disks will be an icon forever."


  • Can't say I used floppies THAT much. I had a pack of HD 5.25 floppies but then switched to 3.5s fast enough ('96-'97). And then in '98 I bought a CD ROM and CDs became my main media for the software. But now, when I dive again into retro, I cannot imagine computer without the real hard and floppy drive. To me the sound it produces and the speed it works is necessary part of that experience that has to be different from something I do every day. And that unique feeling of something solid, real you bring from your friend or buy and then install instead of downloading. The printed manual of something that is not going to change 10 times during upcoming week.

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