[REQUEST] CorelDraw! 1.0 (not 1.1)

Does anyone have a copy of Corel Draw 1.0 (the first ever released version of Corel Draw) (not 1.1)? I can't seem to find that version since this is the initial release in the history of CorelDRAW!


  • Added a "Wanted" tag for this on the product page. It would be good to fill some of the gaps, and I think some of the ones we have may need a redump.

    Glancing at my notes, just thought I would point out that many of the early CorelDraw floppy disks did not have version numbers printed on the labels, so one may have to dump the disks before determining what version a disk is.

    Per wikipedia, Coreldraw had the following 1.x versions:

    Jan 1989 1 - First version
    Mar 1989 1.01 - Introduces backups on save, and draw rectangles from their centre
    Apr 1989 1.02 - IBM PIF file format support
    Jul 1989 1.10 - 102 new fonts in Corel's proprietary WFN format, with WFNBOSS file font manager
    Feb 1990 1.11 - AutoCAD DXF import/export support

    Also, I knew that was a Windows-centric application but apparently they never got a port to Apple Macintosh until very recently.
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