VP-Info & vDOS

I've had great success using the relational database VP-Info from WinWorld, and especially running on vDOS on Windows7. For anyone new to dbf tools, VP-Info is somewhat compatible with dBase source programs, and reads, writes, and saves almost any dBase dbf file. This is hugely useful! VP-Info has very useful built-in debugging tools, and works well with modern code editors like Notepad++. The combination of VP-Info on vDOSis totally stable and there is good on-line support for both VP-Info and for vDOS. I switched to VP-Info because of perpetual frustration with the clumsiness and instability of dBase of all versions. The on-line user manual at www.sharkbase.ca is for the more recent multi-user version SharkBase, but is completely useful for learning and using VP-Info (the single-user version). There are plenty of program examples and useful hints. vDOS, of course is not abandonware, but it's a very nice home for any DOS abandonware you may come across here - or anywhere else. There is one vDOS caveat: graphic DOS games likely will play better on DOSbox, but business tools like VP-Info are much more stable on vDOS.
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