Ulead iPhoto 3.x

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imageUlead iPhoto 3.x

iPhoto is a Microsoft Windows based image editor bundled with scanners. It features the ability to adjust scanned photographs in many ways, convert to different color depths, and export to a number of different file formats.

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  • Just an interesting thing to note, this is a Windows 3.0 application, but I happened to try it in Windows 3.0 real mode, and it ran. I believe this is due to its development as a Windows 2 application. Infoworld articles describe early U-Lead iPhoto as compatible with Windows 2.03 and Windows 3.0. (Didn't check if it would run on an actual 8088/8086).

    U-Lead PhotoStyler 1.0, https://winworldpc.com/product/aldus-photostyler/1x is a similar program that is also a Windows 3.0 application and ran in real mode.
  • This software is from September 1991.
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