CoreNET software PC-51 for IBM 5100/5150

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There are references to a very old piece of software called PC51 from CoreNET - that allowed some cross-communication between the IBM 5100 and IBM 5150. But I can't find any reference to a manual or the media. The media may have been on a cassette tape (for both platforms), and no idea how the interconnection was made. But if anyone knows of a place repository where this might still exist, would be interested to learn more about it.


  • The manual exists but it is tricky to get. coreinternational info was the website that covered many of the old Core products. It is defunct. Internet Archive has the website but doesn't show the menu. It is necessary to get the list of all archived files for the website which turns up 18 files including the manual, a press release for PC51 which provides the clearest explanation, and a pair of drive brochures. No software though. There may be a revised manual elsewhere. The manual has the sections describing the Backup, Restore, and Disktest programs as "coming soon".

    The software shipped on disk.

    IIUC, PC51 would allow an XT user to read Core 5110 hard drives, with an 8" floppy drive read 5110 floppies, load and run 5110 BASIC programs, and even have those 5110 BASIC programs use the XT's drives as storage. I haven't found a review of it in Infoworld, Computer World, or PC Magazine so I have no idea if it worked.
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