Debian 3.1r8 on an IBM ThinkPad T41

edited October 2022 in Software
Right now my T41 is running Windows Longhorn Build 5048. I want to install Debian 3.1r8, however there are a few things:
1. USB sticks will not work with the OS
2. I can only easily get it to work at 1280x1024, not at the full 1400x1050 resolution
3. No 3D acceleration (I tried PlanetPenguin Racer (fork of Tux Racer))
4. When I shut the computer down, it won't automatically turn off (no ACPI)
Is there anything that can be done about these issues?


  • It's been 72 hours and I still see no response. I think glxgears worked fine on this OS (though I'm not sure), so maybe 3D acceleration is partial?
  • Can anyone respond soon? I'm actually planning on installing the OS.
  • A T41 probably could run a much more recent Debian, although installing a modern desktop on that isn't a good idea.

    Really if you want to install Debian 3.1 I would recommend installing it in a VM.
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