I need to know how to install MS works 2.0 and Excel 5.0 on to a win XP32 bit computer.

I am wondering if it is possible to do so. I downloaded the programs from the Win World web site and (as they were in 7z format) I downloaded the 7z app and installed it onto the Win XP machine, and extracted the files. But they were all .img files so where do I go from there to install them. It has been a while since I have done that kind of work. Like 18 years. So forgive my lack of knowledge on this stuff. Also as I was trying to access this web site and upload a post I was directed to the discord web site and directed to install it so I could create chats to Winworld.. was I scammed or was that legit? Thanks.


  • Read the formats page linked to near the top of each forum page: https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/10444/winworld-archive-format-information

    Yea, if anything directed you away from Winworldpc.com it was a scam. Winworld does have a discord channel, but I have never even touched it, and people should post on the forum here where discussion can be publicly viewed and searched. Please add screen shots of where this came from, if you can.
  • Ah its too late but two files downloaded on mozilla during the process of it all, DiscordSetup.exe and latest.rss. So I deleted both of them. last night.
  • Okay so I guess I need a floppy disk emulator program, or a USB floppy drive then right?
    Do have any suggestions for some good ones?. I do have a couple old floppy drives, but I don't have any computer that I could install them into, nor do I think any of my old floppy drives are any good any more. Any suggestions.
  • Not a floppy disk emulator, but just an emulator.
    A few suggestions:
    PCE - best for early IBM PC stuff, 160k-360k images.
    PCEm/86box - (not related to PCE) general 8088-Pentium 1 emulation.
    DOSBox - 8088-486 best for games
    QEMU - Pentium era programs 1.44mb/CD-ROM Windows 9x an non-Windows OSes.
    VirtualBox/VMWare - Pentium era Windows NT/2000/XP and later.
    VMac Mini - MacOS 1-7.
    Basillisk II - MacOS 7.x-8.1
    Sheepshaver - MacOS 8.x,9.x PPC

    Of course, a lot of people here use real hardware too.

    A while back, Duff added advertisements to Winworld, and I'm afraid they might be getting scummy-er again. Be sure to install an ad blocker in your browser.
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