Offer large collection

I have a large collection of dos and windows software, drivers, and os disks. Most of which is not on winworld and wated to see if u all want it.


  • Keen to see what's on offer...
  • Its a massive list i can past a partial but i dont want to past a wall of txt

    Examples of whats in it.
    Wordperfect 12 home
    Visual studio 6 with msdn
    Microsoft pictureit v2
    Office 97 pro
    Ibm netfinity 3000
    Maxblast v2
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    @RCcola1987 Do collection includes older Microsoft MS-DOS titles like Microsoft Chart, Microsoft Multiplan I'm interested in your collection. You can upload it to WinWorldPc.
  • @johnlennon364 yes it has some of the older apps. How do i upload it?
  • Upload to MEGA.NZ or other Files Sharing programs like Google Drive.
  • @RCcola1987 Does your collection include MS/IBM OS/2, MS Excel for OS/2 PM, or MS Word for OS/2 PM?
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