Designer 3.xx

I was asking to myself ... how could be possible that a nice program like this one cannot run on "modern" windows o.s.s ...
It was working properly until Windows-XP ... but then, when Win-7, Win-8, Win-10, Win-11 etc. it is not possible anymore.
Of course one can install a virtual machine "Windows XP" or even an older one , but I wonder why any other recent program cannot be able to handle files generated by DESIGNER . A suggestion from everybody will be really appreciated . - Peter.


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    Have to ask which company made the specific Designer product at issue. I know of several different products that included Designer in the name.

    If you mean Micrographx Designer, that was a 16-bit program and you will need a 32-bit version of Windows for it to run. I haven't tried that specific program on my 32-bit Vista, 7, or 8 installs but the 16-bit business software I have tried runs on those 32-bit OSes.

    Corel Draw is supposed* to be able to open Corel Designer documents. Corel Designer in turn was the reissue of Micrographx Designer after Corel purchased Micrographx. Corel Designer is listed as being available in Corel Draw Technical Suite though $499 per year or $1,459 for a permanent license which might exceed the budget. For older versions that might run on 64-bit Windows, try the versions of Designer placed in Graphics Suite.

    * From their list of file formats supported: Corel DESIGNER (DES, DSF, DS4, or DRW)
    * The link is quite long and looks fairly brittle so I will leave it to you to verify.
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