Wata Games artificially inflating used games.

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Hello i have been browsing the website on and off occasionally in the past but never joined. I saw someone in here posted about the Mario 64 sale they have been found out as non legitimate in some of and at this point most of these big game sales.

The pawn stars episode is also staged how far this goes no one knows but essentially the seller of the cart is apart of and has vested interest in Wata games its all a sham concoction to inflate used/retro and rare game prices.

it goes even further too Wata games was bought out by a subsidiary of PSA and is now effectively a subsidiary of PSA. Which also means PSA is now compromised and untrustworthy by association imo.


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    Jobst has done his homework the information speaks for itself and the writing is all over the wall.

    No one has time for artificial inflation on retro items they are already scalped Ebay buy it now prices can be hard to compete with already at times. Because people think that is what stuff is worth but buy it now is not a realistic metric most of the time.

    The last thing we need is companies jacking up prices and no one has time for Super Marios for 1 million dollars either i just bought one yesterday for 2$. I mean come on pull the other leg thanks.
  • Interesting stuff.

    eBay has been bloating up prices itself for quite a while too. There have been a few items I have bought off of eBeh after receiving an "offer" of some lower amount. But if you were to view the sold item listing, it would still show their full asking amount. I believe there are other conditions where they will do that too. In the past I have seen a few items bought via "make an offer" do the same thing, although it usually shows "best offer accepted".

    I briefly saw how business was done at one recycling place that sold used equipment on eBay - they referred to eBay sold prices for EVERYTHING. Even if some "offer accepted" message appeared, or if there was something uniquely special about that sold item, the highest "sold" price automatically and mechanically became the new asking price for whatever item they were researching to sell. Bullshit.

    The sad part is that people have just come to expect higher prices for everything on eBay. Combined with the sad fact that eBay is often the ONLY place that some sellers sell things, that just means even more price bloat.

    That is why it is important for everyone to do their own research when buying an item, so they don't get ripped off.
  • Retro collecting of any kind is subjective like any used goods markets the value is hold solely on what ever the buyer is willing to pay at the end of the day, Sure there is other factors like sale trends but really bottom line Person x might be wiling to pay x% more the person y.

    in turn its not really about getting ripped off its about being realistic. We have all bought something that was way to expensive right? Simply because we wanted that item for the collection. This is really the crux of collecting because anyone who collects something baseball card, computer part, game etc there is always going to be items that people feel they over payed for but they did so just because they want the item/s.

    At the end of the day no one has time for this sort of issue where companies are artificially creating perceived worth on used good it only hurts the average collector and collecting can be expensive as it is.

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