[Offer] VP-Info 1.20 (Year:1987)

*VP-Info 1.20 (Year:1987)

Media : 5.25" 360KB - 1EA
OS : MS-DOS 2.0 or higher for 5.25" 360KB
(This was dumped by original media, no broken, no modified.)

Download Link : https://mega.nz/file/f49lRB4D#urXuqGtBKgAp8_x8CkVEMd9CKhPO6Fbmc7XYgMeQSR0

*SCP (Super Card Pro) + PSI (PCE Sector Image) are also included.


  • There are two images, but they appear to be of the exact same disk. Even the mastering info sector is the same. It also appears to be missing the help/samples disk.

    I don't see any copy protection on these disks.
  • Would you put all your offers archived in one place for convenient download?
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