On a P PC!!!

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OMG! I'm typing this on a PocketPC!!! The 'kbd' is TERRIBLE2!!@ It took like ages ytp type 'forum' in the address bar in IE!



  • ages ytp type 'forum' in the address bar in IE!


  • Hahahahaha... what kind?
  • What is a PPC?
  • I lost my network card for my Handheld.
  • lmao! Q is goona die typing on the ppc
  • my laptop is pretty much a pocket pc....
  • I once tried to use the internet using Opera on a Psion Series 5 handheld. It was so fucking slow because of the psions 16mhz ARM7100 CPU, but the keyboard was pretty good. It had a 640x240 16 greyscale display and a full keyboard.
    too bad my series5 is fucked up now..
  • series 5 was good but not cheap
  • I have a Dell Axim X3i... wireless and a 400Mhz XScale. Not cheap either, but pretty good.
  • A PPC is a Power PC. The short term for a PocketPC is a Tablet or a Hand.
  • You know whats funny?

    Q could of meant his mactop also.

    His mactop has a PowerPC CPU and has a keyboard with a non-std layout
  • PocketPC is NOT Tablet, they (Tablets) are WAY bigger.

    It was a DellHell Axim 3something.

  • Arent tablet PCs like wanna-be laptops or something?

    Still x86 based though?
  • Nope! It's 'XScale' AKA ARM.

  • Ok....

    The things I seen were called tablet PCs yet were x86 based.

    I think the store screwed up
  • Prbly like my PocketPC.

    Aren't tablets standard architecture?

    And Q's mactop uses a lesser known standard layout. :)
  • It uses it because I did that on purpose.

    Anyway there's more to this story then the P PC.

  • Are PocketPC's worth to buy?
  • For 400 US $, it's fun to play with and for him it usefull, I don't think it's worth it for me.

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