Offer: "GeoPublish" the shareware version of "GeoWorks"!

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After many years searching for this, As i'm a HUGE fan of Geoworks, I finally was able to find all the files a re-create the official install disks / images! I used this back in the day.. so really happy to find it again.

Here it is to share. I hope to see it on this site soon :-)

PS: This site ROCKS!



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    Is anyone having issues not being able to download my link above?? I tried it before and nothing happens. BUT if I copy the link into my browser in a new page... It works fine. How very odd! The index page is here That seams to work as well...
  • Link worked for me.

    I didn't remember they had a shareware version of this. That is rather interesting. Do note that Winworld does not usually add shareware unless it is historically significant or of benefit to the community.
  • The first link would not work for me, it was flagged "potential security risk". The second link works fine.
    Many Thanks for this, it installs and runs well on MS-DOS 6.22 in 86Box.
  • I think because GeoWorks is quite rare / not always that well known... That GeoPublish should be included on the site. Because it IS part of the GeoWorks Family. Either way, I'm just happy to share it.. and if it does appear on here... Then that's a cool bonus :-)
  • GeoPublish running on MS-DOS 6.22

  • I have been trying to dump the "Special" edition of "Quattro Pro" that came with Geoworks Pro. BUT some of my disks are beyond repair. Even with NDD. So i may post the working images i have.. and maybe some one will have a working disk to replace 1 or 2 of mine.. I believe its NOT on this site either (Its a FULL version too).
  • Ouch. Please don't use NDD on damaged originals. That will always make things worse. Norton Disk Doctor is intended for file system repair, and does not really take physical damage in to consideration other than marking detected bad sectors as bad.

    If you don't have a flux level dumping tool, but do have a real PC with floppy drive, I would suggest giving the media a very careful cleaning (do NOT use alcohol) and using disk2img
  • Yes i have a real Pentium 1, 233 MMX with a floppy controller. I run a 1.44 3.5 and a 1.2mb 5.25 drives. I will give you utill a try.. I would so love to preserve more Geoworks related programs / revisions.
  • This is the first time I have posted for something I hoped the site would add. Do you get a message of Yes or No?? Or you never know unless it pops up on the site?? Just wondered how that bit works. Merry Christmas!
  • The way it works, I grab a copy and put it in my "contribs" folder with several thousand other crufty contributions that have been sitting there for years and need lots of work and verification before I can add them. Normally, shareware goes in the "rejected" folder, but in this case I am CONSIDERING it since I see several other crufty file sets for similar geoworks packages sitting in the the contribs folder.

    If these were at least dumped from original disks and had label/box scans, that would bump it up in priority. (And it might still be months until I get to it).

    We don't normally notify anyone, so all you can do is watch the New Additions feed:
  • Thanks for your time and letting me know. I wish i had an original set of disks for scanning them. But they are still the original floppy's image files. But totally understand were your coming from :-) I'm just happy to share it with everyone. Do you want scans of the disk of other Geoworks editions?? I definitely have quite a few sets of original disks i could scan in.
  • Sure, if you have scans of something that is in our library without scans, by all means scan them post them. The way that works, when I come across new "art", I add it do my local copy of my software art database and then if I need to touch or repackage a release for some reason, then I may add that art to the download.

    Also, keep in mind that "redumps" are always welcome for verification purposes. If something is bit-for-bit identical, I may or may not add it, but if you have some minor update (like a 3.00.0 to 3.00.1 release of some product) or minor earlier revision then even that is usually worth adding.
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