[offer] IBM PC-DOS 5.00 (Swedish) & MS-DOS 4.01 (Swedish - Commodore OEM)

I'm currently at my parents and have made images of the 720k install floppies for both IBM PC-DOS 5.00 and Commodore PC 40-III MS DOS 4.01 (both in Swedish). Would you be interested in these?


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    Could you take disk picture and upload disk image?
  • Sure thing! Where to shall I upload them? I'm happy to share. Also, when I think of it, I also got IBM PC-DOS 3.30 in Swedish as well (both 3.5" and 5.25")
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    @vicnor you can upload in google drive mediafire mega or dropbox
  • Here are the floppies! I've also included IBM PC-DOS 3.30 (Swedish) for 3.5" floppy. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the 5.25" floppies over RS-232 with Norton DiskEditor. I've also included photos of the floppies to validate that they're genuine.

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    @vicnor i need to request access to view files and download
  • Access approved. Also, I've opened it up to everyone now.
  • Apparently Google thinks that the MS-DOS 4.01 Utilities disk for Commodore PC 40 contains spyware... I don't think that was even a thing in 1989.
  • All the files can also be downloaded here, including the forbidden Utilities disk

    https://we.tl/t-XAI07zl8B2 (expires within 7 days)
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    unfortunately after checking the utility disk it was infected with the virus Vacsina.1206.D
    in commodore util disk
    affected files
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    @vicnor could you upload ibm pc dos 3.30 swedish 5.25 inch pictures?
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    Unfortunately, I believe that they came with virus came from the factory. There isn't even a write tap on the Commodore floppies. I got a double set and I scanned the other Utilities floppy that I didn't image and it also has virus on the same files.

    I would love to image the 5.25" floppies of PC DOS 3.30 but I don't have a good tool that works on a XT clone.
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    mouse file was disinfected by pc1412 using vaccine III plus neo AhnLab's
    the ATSPEED.EXE file could not be detected. not infected?
  • I should be able to clean up any viruses.

    If you have an actual XT class machine with 5.25" inch drive and a hard drive, I recommend either ImageDisk (easier to use) or disk2img http://www.oldskool.org/pc/disk2img (faster and good at retrying errors).

    Then to transfer back to a more "modern"-ish PC, temporarily attach a 3.5" 1.44mb drive and use some pre-formatted 720k low density disks (actual 1.44mb disks won't work without a high density controller) to copy the files off. If you use a USB floppy drive to read the disks, make sure the drive supports 720k low density, as some incorrectly do not.
  • @SomeGuy I just tried that and it errors out on every floppy that I through at it, in both drive A and B on my Commodore PC 10-III. "Fatal error: All reads returned errors; you should reboot to reset NEC765 and BIOS/BDA". Is it perhaps because the output is over serial? Also, I suspect that the floppy controller on the Commodore is not entirely standard.
  • Hmm, a non standard FDC would cause that error, but I thought the controllers on those machines were standard-ish (never used one myself). If ImageDisk http://dunfield.classiccmp.org/img/index.htm also craps itself, that might be the problem, as both require direct access to the FDC chip.

    What exactly do you meany by output over serial? Controlling the TTY via serial port? Serial port networking?

    If you need something more compatible, try Mike Brutman's DskImage https://www.brutman.com/DskImage/ It was designed to work on IBM PCJr machines that lacked DMA, so it only uses BIOS and is completely command-line driven.
  • @SomeGuy I'm using InterLink to mount the drives from my IBM PS/2 so I can save files on the IBM's hard drive while using the Commodore which only has two 5,25" floppy drives (we had a 3.5" 720k drive for this computer, but I got no idea where it is or if we still have it). I'll give that other program a shot!
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    I've added the IBM PC DOS 3.30 (Swedish) on 5.25" to the Google Drive (link above) + a photo of the floppies. They read fine in my Oracle VirtualBox VM.

    The Brutman program was pretty awesome. It took something like 8 minutes to image a 360k over RS232 @ 9600 baud.
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