Winworld year end wrap up

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2022 has been has been a pretty busy year. There have been a lot of good community contributions, and so many of them that my backlog has continued to grow. I will try to get to all of them eventually if it is at all possible.

Glancing at the archives, I see more than 600 files were added or updated this year.

A few highlights:

Lots of uncommon developer tools like: IBM FORTRAN-2 1.02, Arity Prolog 4.0, and Microsoft COBOL 1.07 for DOS, and Personal Pearl 1.92PC for DOS.

Lots of obscure, unique, and special purpose tools such as: Perks-PC 2.06 (tsr information management program), WindowDOS (TSR file managment program), Memory Shift 2.0 (early multitasker), SmartWare 3.10 (obscure integrated office suite), Orthodontic Computer Software PIMS (business specific management system), Lotus HAL (a "natural lanugae" querying tool), and Harvard Spotlight 1.0 for Windows (a presentation tool for showing the presenter more information).

There was a pile of software intended for the very uncommon IBM JX computer system such as IBM Sort 1.00 for IBM-JX.

A few interesting beta pre-releases such as the Microsoft Windows 3.0 3.00.133 Beta.

The addition of many manuals for various Microsoft products.

A massive cleanup of the Microsoft Internet Explorer release pages and downloads.

Some great redumps and alternates such as Microsoft Word 1.10 for DOS

More early versions of tools such as Norton NT Tools 1.0 for Windows NT 3.51 and PC Tools 1.01 (1985).

We have even added some new operating system download such as Coherent Unix 4.2.10.

While "budget" software fluff is low priority, we have archived a few, such as Expert Pet Care.

I still haven't tracked down the Eagle 1600 MS-DOS System and Test disk, but I filled in a few early Eagle MS-DOS titles:

EagleCalc 2.0 (1983)
EagleWriter 2.0 (1983) and
Microsoft MS-DOS 1.25 [Eagle PC OEM]

So, it has been a fairly busy year. Still lots more to add or clean up. Things to do, things to do...

From Winworld, may all of your programs have a happy YEM (Year End Maintenance).


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