[OFFER] Microsoft Windows 3.1 Pre-Release 3.10.060

This build was later found at a local thrift store and then dumped and uploaded onto the Internet Archive by Druaga1 on 6 January 2023

Contains the 8 (1.2 MB 5.25") disk set and 6 duplicate backup disks.
(Dupe disk 1 is missing, Dupe disk 2 was reportedly modified, see below)

Tested working, installable, and bootable using PCem with a 486 AMI Motherboard(i486SX/16), 32 MB RAM and a 512 MB disk image running MS-DOS 6.22

Disk Photographs
Screenshots of Startup screen, about box, bug report screen etc.
Extracted Readme and New features documents
Disks 1-7, Docs+Bug Report disk, Dupe Disks 2-7 in:
KryoFlux (zipped)
Extracted files from IMG images (zipped)
Zipped post install/extracted files of:
WINDOWS directory (should be startable by running "WIN" in dosbox)
Docs+Bug report disk (ran "install C:\path\to\extracted\files")



  • There is a thrift store that doesn't throw away floppy disks? I can't count the number of times I have come across empty 5.25" holder cases at goodwill and wished they had not thrown out the disks.
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