Greaseweazle - best format?

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I was considering the Kryoflux for a long while but then along came Brexit which meant that ordering stuff from Germany got more difficult for me... I'd never noticed GW until recently and the price looked too good to be true, so I bought one. So far I've only used the native gw software, then HxC FLoppy Emulator to view some of the raw flux dumps and the results have been encouraging. I realise that now the results I get are probably only as good as the drives I'm using. I'm hoping my 40t will hold out for a bit longer so I can re-image some of my disks, particularly ones that were giving errors with ImageDisk on my MSDOS box. I've even found some previously unreadable disks that are FM encoded.

Any recommendations for alternative imaging software, flux formats to share with or hints for gw?


  • I'd be interested to hear how it goes with the Greaseweazle. I don't have one of those, but from what I have heard, those are probably the way forwards for most people. KF has some annoying licensing and SCP has a single creator.

    What flux format options is it giving you?

    The only full flux formats I know of are SCP and Kryoflux. They are basically the same thing - just a recording of the floppy drive's data out line.

    SCP keeps it all in one file while KF creates a file for each track. For data recovery, being able to swap out tracks is very handy. But others like it all in one file.

    One big thing to keep in mind is that you should always capture multiple revolutions. This can aid data recovery later, and may be needed for some copy protections that expect at least one full revolution with no interruption anywhere.
  • There is also a recent open source initiative called “Pauline” from the creator of HxC floppy emulator
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