Tandy Deskmate DeskMate I

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imageTandy Deskmate DeskMate I

Deskmate is a GUI shell, program environment, and organizational application suite bundled by Tandy with their computers. The first two fully graphical versions were renamed "Personal Deskmate" I and II. Earlier versions were text based.

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  • Any SDK for this?
  • That is actually a very interesting question. I am not aware that anyone has archived any sort of software development kit or programming tools for Tandy Deskmate. I'm not certain what would have been needed to develop a third party Tandy Deskmate application.

    Certainly something like that must have existed. Although, probably not for anything earlier than Personal Deskmate. Deskmate I was just an all-in-one organizer application that I don't believe could run third party executable.
  • A number of samples in the development system indicate that the first versions of the sample was from 1989 thus the internal development tools for Tandy were much less friendly. I did find the crowing about the new 40 column mode a bit strange for a product released 2 years after VGA.
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