OFFER! - Photobie 7.2.10 Win32 - Image Editor From Yesteryear That Does the Unique>>>

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Reunited with this recently...

Photobie does things others can't but also lacks in other areas...All-in-All a necessary freebie IMHO...

It can load in .3DS 3D Models to adjust then drop to canvas kinda like LazPaint but with way more features-

After dropping you can still manipulate like any other layer with all kinda option & blend mode-

You can also choose LAYERS to create a 3D cube or globe then drop those down as well-

Also there is GIF Animation & every layer is considered a frame so you can just do records of anything stupid-

Or in this case I had a ATC.3DS Model I just kept slightly turning then dropping to canvas many times...It's a crude example but YOU get the picture right?

Or you could take same & make it 'come out' from the image-

Or maybe you just want to have static animation & just apply FX or other to successive frames-

Just scratching surfaces here Photobie does ALOT but not a great 'painter' by itself but recommended highly for what it does...Too bad it all went out years ago...


I am pretty sure Photobie needs NET Frame 1.1...Also Photobie can be UniExtracted & ran portable...



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